1. BEM modifiers

    .header__logo or .logo--header? If you don’t have an answer please read my thoughts on BEM modifiers and when to use them.
  2. BEM elements and their elements

    Ever wondered how to markup a BEM element inside another BEM element? If yes, please read on my thoughts on the topic.
  3. Form markup challenge

    I accepted the so called Form markup challenge from Thierry Koblentz and provide my own variant of markup of a donation form.
  4. Smashing workshop follow-up

    I attended a workshop on Responsive Web Design by Vitaly Friedman. Here are my impressions of the event.
  5. BEM levels

    Here I present the notion I decided to call “BEM levels” and describe what you need to be to belong to them.
  6. BEM Blocks and Elements

    If you think that a BEM block is a huge thing on a page that contains other elements, you may be misunderstanding BEM.
  7. LiveReload in Opera using grunt and Webstorm

    In this post I will show you a way of adding a LiveReload functionality to your project via grunt-contrib-watch, it will be even more useful if your browser of choice is Opera and you use WebStorm or PhpStorm as your IDE.
  8. Anchor tags versus buttons

    This blog-post provides additional examples of the usage of two elements: <a> tags and <button> tags. I came to the conclusion that it’s not simply a matter of semantics, but also functionality. And sometimes it is quite a task to decide which one is better.
  9. On articles and excerpts

    In this post I give an opinion on the semantic use of the <article> tag, which is the default choice of the Wordpress’s default theme to mark up blog-post excerpts. If you too think that we should not use <article> for post excerpts read on.
  10. Hello world!

    Welcome to alexbondarev.com. This is my first post. As WordPress says I can edit or delete it, then start blogging!